Actors - Danny Dyer, Neil Morrissey, Sarah Harding, Denise Van Outen & Kellie Shirley
Directors - Ray Cooney & John Luton
Format - Dolby, PAL, THX, Widescreen
Region - Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. 
Number of Discs - 1
Classification - 12
Studio - Ridge Film Distributers
DVD Release Date - 16 Sep 2013
Run Time - 93 Minutes

Garry Bushell Review

When Ray Cooney’s Run For Your Wife movie came out, it was slaughtered by the film critics. “As funny as leprosy,” sneered the broadsheets. “A catastrophe.” The reviews were so savage it put me off going to see it. Don’t be misled. I’ve just watched it on DVD and it’s tremendous fun. Run For Your Wife is firmly in the tradition of early 70s English comedy films. If you watch it expecting Woody Allen you’ll be disappointed.

But realise it’s from the same school  as the Carry Ons and the Confessions movies and you can expect laugh out loud moments and grins galore. Cooney has adapted his own long-running West End farce for the big screen. Danny Dyer is just right as the lead character John Smith, an easy-going cabbie who just happens to be bigamously married to two beautiful women Denise van Outen and Sarah Harding (however would you have the energy?). Smith’s double life is threatened after he is knocked out while saving an old dear from being mugged. With the cops suspicious, he finds himself constructing an ever-more frantic pyramid of porkies with the help of his idiot next-door neighbour Gary (Neil Morrissey). We also get Lionel Blair and Christopher Biggins camping it up, and the greatest procession of big name cameos you have ever seen – everyone from Frank Thornton to Cliff Richard via Robin Askwith, Russ Abbott, Richard Briers, Andrew Sachs, Brian Murphy, Bernard Cribbins, June Whitfield and Dame Judi Dench. Would it appeal to Channel 4 commissioning editors? Not for one moment. But there are generations of viewers who’d thoroughly enjoy it. My only criticism is that the Carry On team would have shoe-horned more gags in.

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Hi Wife followers

I was in a local market when I was offered a 'pirated' copy of the RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, DVD!! Funnily enough I was sort of flattered that our movie was being offered for £3.50 along with the American blockbusters -


1. The customer is only saving a couple of quid when you can buy it from Amazon.

2. None of the 'pirated' money goes to the Talent behind the movie, the investors or the three charities our movie supports.

3. It is illegal to sell or buy these illegal copies

4. The quality isn't as good as the legal version!!

I'd be really grateful to hear from any of you who've been offered, bought(!) or sold (!!) an illegal copy of the DVD with your views.